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Reseller Partnership Information

July 2020 Update: In early Aug we will be releasing an updated database of our product to our current resellers, and will review applications for new resellers. The new list of items will include our Cloth Face Masks


About Us

LA Linen is a manufacturer of event and home decorations such as table linens and runners, cloth napkins, drapes and many other items in this category. Our Los Angeles-based factory and warehouse offers a catalog of more than 5,000 SKUs, drop-ship services, and bulk order fulfillment.  Our large catalog and operational integrity guaranty little-to-no backorders or inventory availability issues. We’ve had a long history of success.

How to partner with us:

  1. Please apply here 

What you can expect from partnering with us:

  1. If accepted, you will gain access to our catalog database containing UPC, MSRP, product information and images. Each  MSRP includes the price of the item and the cost of standard domestic shipping from our Los Angeles facility. We do not charge any other fees. 
  2. You will be provided a PO template that can be used to send us confirmed POs. These can be submitted to once-daily. We offer next-day shipping and can offer same-day shipping for orders submitted by 2:00 PM PT. 
  3. All POs are processed and shipped within one business day. Confirmation and tracking info will be emailed to your preferred email address.
  4. Each Monday you will be invoiced via email for all of the previous week’s POs. The email will include easy payment links so you can pay via PayPal or credit card. Payments are due within 2 business days.
  5. Returns and exchanges of new, unused items will be accepted within 30 days of product delivery. The buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping fees. 

We know that e-commerce can be a competitive landscape and want you to be successful. For partners engaging in online advertising, we are happy to discuss our marketing rebate program. 

Cheers to a great partnership! 

Please contact with any questions.