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Neck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 3-Pack

Neck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 3-Pack
Neck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 3-PackNeck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 3-PackNeck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 3-Pack

Mask Strap Design Features


  • 100% American-made in our Los Angeles, CA factory

  • Designed to easily work with our Cloth Face Masks that have the ear loops but can also be used with adjustable masks if tied securely. 

  • Machine-washable, Color Bleach safe, and completely Latex-free

  • Makes all day mask-wearing easier

  • *A single Handy Mask Strap can only be purchased with a mask.

Free standard shipping from our Los Angeles factory, most orders ship in 1 business day!

3-Pack Straps

Neck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 3-Pack

*3 straps in pack

$ 12.00


  • Youth Mask with ear loop is for the petite or young faces with a comfortable ear loop. This mask with 7x7 Inch pre-pleated pattern is designed to cover a large part of the young and petite face, making it comfortable for extended use, and for speaking while having the mask on, without the need to adjust the mask by touching it. Ear loops are 3 inch loop made of soft stretch material.
  • Every feature of this mask is designed to keep you Protected from the environment, as well as keeping others safe. The 3 layer of highly specialized fabric offers the highest level of comfort, and Protection. With a remarkable BFE Rating of over 80%

  • Offered in 4 Colors. With Soft Lycra Stretch tie Straps.
  • Entirely made in USA, USA knitted Fabric. Shipped direct from our Factory in Los Angeles.

  • This mask is specially Designed to keep you safe from the environment, and comfortable for extended use. Breathability rating of 3.8 Delta P, is comfort level, for all day use.


  • 7 x 7 Inch pre-pleated pattern. 3 inch Ear loops.

    Q&A, What size is right for me

  • Outer layer: Lycra Stretch material, to form the perfect fit of the mask on any face.

    Middle Layer: Polypropylene Polymer blend fabric is the highest form of filtration.

    Inner layer: Soft Cotton blend, tested to prevent dampness, skin irritation and Sensitization.

  • Ear Loop and Edge Trim is specially made from a soft Lycra Poly blend to be soft on the ear, and to form a soft seal on the face. No elastic to cause irritation on the ear. This trim is exclusively made by LA Linen for our face masks.

  • Nose Wire is internally sewn in the trim edge to  create a proper fit over the nose, without feeling of breathing restriction of a heavy metal.


  • LA Linen Masks have been Tested by Nelson Labs, an ANAB Accredited Lab and Rated for Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness of over 80%

  • Mask Has passed a Minimum of 75 Wash cycle based on USA Military Standard. 

  • Machine Wash Warm Water. Low Heat Dry, or Hang Dry. Color Bleach Safe.

  • NO Returns. Since we manufacture and ship the masks from the same facility, by order of FDA and CDC we are prohibited from accepting any returns on the mask due to the possibility of cross contamination.

Free standard shipping from our Los Angeles factory, most orders ship in 1 business day!

*For every 2 orders we sell retail, we are able to donate 1. Thank you for your support! Learn more about why we're making these masks.

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