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How to clean your cloth face mask

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How to clean your cloth face mask

Our premium, high-quality face masks are machine washable and very durable for extended use. Follow these easy steps to care to safely care for your mask. 

1. When removing your mask from your face, remove from your ears first, being careful not to touch the face-covering which could have the virus on it. 

2. Place it directly into your open washing machine to be laundered. If you do not have access to a washing machine, have a sink or bucket full of soapy water ready and place the mask directly in the water. 

3. Wash your hands thoroughly.

4. We recommend washing with mild detergents on a warm/cold cycle and drying with low heat (or hang-dry). Please make sure there are no metal pieces in the washer and dryer on any other pieces such as zippers, snaps, or metal buttons. Oxygen Bleach may be used. 

Many people prefer to have more than one mask for easy care. The CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering when you go out. 

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