It is important to note that differences in color between our website and the fabric are not considered defects or imperfections. We cannot be held responsible for what is displayed on a computer screen, as all screens are different. The only way to be sure of our colors is to order a fabric sample from our website. We encourage all customers to order fabric samples from us, the cost of which can be deducted from a future order if requested.

All custom orders will be made to the exact specifications written on the description section on the order form. When pressing submit, you are agreeing to purchase the order as it is stated on the form. Due to our custom manufacturing, any item wider than the width of our fabric (which can be found in our Fabrics section) will be made in several panels, and it will have visible seams. An item that contains seams is not considered a defective item, and will have been written on the order description.

Custom orders as indicated on the order are non-refundable. After order has been confirmed no modifications and changes can be made.