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Face Mask Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

LA Linen Cloth Face Mask Features, Diagram

Mask Design & Features

Q. What size mask is right for me?

A. Our Supreme 9x9 mask starts with a fabric pattern of 9 x 9 inches, before it is pleated, bonded, and trimmed. That is just about the size of a Tissue (Kleenex). So, to test the size, you can grab a tissue, lightly pleat the sides to about half size and cover your nose, mouth, and chin. The mask should cover from mid nose area to bottom of your chin. This large coverage is designed to offer the highest level of protection and comfort. keeping the mask in place while speaking, and to maintain a space between the fabric and your nose/mouth for comfortable breathing. But if you find that too large, you can try our Supreme 7x7 size mask, at 7x7 inch pattern that is the size of a Standard Surgical mask. Our
Testing out the size before purchasing can easily be done by testing a Tissue for the 9x9 size, and a standard surgical mask for our 7x7 size.
Both masks offer an adjustable ear loop to offer the perfect fit on the face. And an attached neck strap for added convenience.

What size mask is right for me?

Q. How the Ear loops work and are adjusted?

A. The adjustable ear loops is one of the key features of our mask. Simply put the mask on, hold the small buckle on the side with your fingers and pull it toward the back of your head till you feel the edge of the mask is in full contact with your face and has created a soft seal. You can leave the adjustment in place when taking the mask on and off, and just readjust it if needed.

Q. Will your mask prevent my glasses from fogging?

A. Fogging of glasses while wearing a mask is a common issue. This happens when the warm and humid exhale exits the top of the mask and gets under the glasses. To help reduce this issue as much as possible we have placed a nose wire inside the edge binding of the mask and have made the binding of a soft stretch material which forms a soft seal on the face. Adjusting the placement of the glasses on top of the mask may help further. A trick our team members use by taking advantage of the multiple layers of the mask is to pull the inner layer of the mask up and above the tip of the nose while putting on the mask. Since the outer layer is a stretch material, the inner layer stays in place and diverts the exhale away from glasses and prevents fogging. There are no masks that are "100% Fog Free", as this simply can not be possible. So please question any such claim made by any mask maker. We have done our best to create a mask that when properly used and set to eliminate fogging of glasses.

Q. $35 each mask?!? Why?

A. Not all masks are created equal. We know our masks is not the perfect choice for everyone. At the start of the pandemic we set out to design and produce a mask with the ultimate protection and utmost comfort, using every resource at our disposal. Our one and only goal was to protect the health of our company employee, our family and loved one. With that in mind, we selected the best possible materials, design pattern and manufacturing procedures. And we have continued to improve our masks in every way. As the demand for our masks increased we made the masks part of our standard production, with the best pricing possible considering the quality of the item.

Our Supreme Style mask released on Oct 29 is the culmination of all our resources, research and experience in making simply the best possible mask, in comfort and protection. Every part of this mask is made in our factory in Los Angeles to our very high standard and shipped direct to you. The price of the mask is simply an indication of the quality of material and worksmanship in it.

Today, masks are widely available everywhere. Choices of a lightweight disposable masks for under a dollar, used by those who just want to have a simple face covering for a short time. And for those who are in search of the ultimate protection and comfort, LA Linen makes a Reusable, Washable comfortable mask with effectiveness level of 98.8%, rating higher than any N95 mask and the comfort for all day use. Thousands of completely satisfied buyers have told us we met every expectations.

Q. Does the mask have a pocket for a filter?

A. No, our masks do not have a pocket as to not compromise the integrity of the continuous fabric that works to filter any droplets. Our testings have shown that any cut or "Pocket" in the layer of the mask greatly reduces its effectiveness. In our study, adding a pocket reduced the effectiveness by 70%. Our masks now also have a 3rd layer in the middle which is made of Polypropylene/Cotton Polymer offering the highest cloth filtration. At 98.8% the filtration is more than any other external filter.

Q. 98.8% BFE, where does it come from and what does it mean?

A. Nelson Labs is the industry-leading global provider of lab testing and expert consulting services. They perform microbiological and analytical laboratory tests across the medical device, pharmaceutical, and tissue industries. The company is regarded as a best-in-class partner with a strong track record of collaborating with customers to solve complex issues. Nelson Labs did a study on our 3nd generation of masks (3-layer) and  determined that the masks had a 98.8% Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness  Certification. Simply stated, this means the masks are 98.8% effective at  preventing airborne pathogens larger than 0.5 microns from passing  through. For comparison an N95 mask blocks about 95% of airborne particles. CDC and FDA recommendation for using cloth face mask is mainly to protect others, from an infected user, since most cloth mask have an effectiveness of 20 to 50%. Our mask at 98.8% is designed to keep the users safe from others and the environment.

Q. Why are the LA Linen masks so roomy instead of very fitted like I see on other people?

A. With months of constant research, we tried to design a mask which remains in place during a normal day, while moving and talking. The size of the mask also helps people reduce the need to touch the mask to make adjustments or touch their faces while wearing it. You may have noticed others while wearing masks and speaking, the mask keeps riding down the face making it necessary to keep touching and adjusting it. The large design of our mask makes it very easy to speak and breath while the mask stays in place.

Q. Why don't you offer more prints and color selection in all sizes?

A. Most mask makers or resellers offer a large selection of fabrics and colors by offering mask made from any available fabric. Masks are generally made after you place an order which can take days or weeks. We don't do that. The Fabric we use in our mask is a highly specialized fabric we make for our face masks. Each and every color and print must pass our rigorous tests. Once approved by our team and an independent lab, we make the masks and have them ready to ship for you before you place your order. So when you click "Confirm purchase", your order will be on it's way to you within hours.

Q. Where are your Face Masks Made?

A. LA Linen has been the leading manufacturer of home decor through every major ecommerce retailer, and face masks are a new item we have been manufacturing in response to the current pandemic. We manufacture and ship every item in our catalog from our factory based in Los Angeles.

Our masks are also made entirely in our factory, using fabric that is specifically knitted for us in Los Angeles and as per strict regulation of State of CA. So you can be sure that every piece is made to the highest standard.

Q. Did you discontinue the Tie Strap model mask?

A. With the release of our Supreme Style mask we discontinued the Tie Strap style in all colors. We do produce the Full size Tie Strap in Black and Navy colors for several government branches so we do have that option available for public also. Please visit this page to order:


Q. Will you offer any other sizes of mask?

A. Our testing showed that the 9x9 size mask is the right fit majority of adults since it does offer the highest level of protection. The adjustable ear loop of Supreme style can offer the right fit on any face.

Order - Shipping

Q. I can not click on “Agree to terms”. What do I do?

A. This is due to a security setting in your browser and/or device. You can generally solve this by updating your browser, or using a different browser, or a different device.

Q. Where do the masks ship from?

A. Our face masks ship directly from our Los Angeles, CA factory.

Q. How soon will I get my masks?

A. Your order will ship out of our Los Angeles factory in 1 business day. We include complimentary standard shipping to the contiguous United States via US Post First Class package. Transit time vary from 3 up to 15 days depending on your location. We do offer expedited shipping at checkout.

Q. All your items are sold by Amazon except Face Masks, why?

A. We are a supplier to Amazon for all our items, however to be able to provide our masks to health care organizations and other public and private offices, we currently offer our mask for end users through our site only.

Q. Do you offer any discount coupon? 

A. Our belief is to be straight forward with all our buyers. We do not like to play games or gimmicks, and we believe the clients choosing our line have done enough research to know what to expect. So, we have set our price as affordable as possible for every buyer, no need to search for coupons or discount codes. We have been made aware of some sites offering discounts to our site, in order to take your information for marketing. Currently, our masks are only sold to public through our site www.lalinen.com

Care & Maintenance

Q.  How should I wash my masks?

A. We recommend washing with mild detergents on a warm/cold cycle and drying with low heat (or hang-dry). Please make sure no metals such as zippers or metal buttons are in the washer or dryer. The CDC has recommendations for how to wash your mask that also match our guidelines.

Q.   Your Manufacturers care instruction differs from CDC. Why?

A. Our mask care instruction is machine wash with Warm Water, and low heat dry, or hang dry. CDC has a general recommendation of washing with hot water, as CDC care is based on 100% cotton fabric which most manufacturer use. Our 3 layer fabrics are highly specialized fabric for Filtration, Skin Comfort, and mask form. This mask should be cleaned in Warm water, and is also Color Bleach Safe. Please follow the instructions for care: lalinen.com/maskcare

Q.   75 Wash Cycle Test vs 110 Wash Cycle

A. Wash cycle life expectancy is a military test on textile clothing line. In simple terms, this would show how many standard wash and dry the item can withstand while performing as originally designed. Our standard line of masks has passed a 75-cycle test. Our Supreme line masks have passed a 110-wash cycle test. This of course does not mean the masks would fall apart or show any damage right after this number of washes. This is simply to indicate an average life expectancy of the masks.

Bulk Orders - Resell

Q.   Do you sell your masks through any resellers?

A. At the time of this posting (Oct, 2020) we do not offer our masks to any reseller. We have been offering our mask to various private and government organizations as well as to the general public. We believe that fulfilling orders in a timely manner is far more important than just trying to increase orders. We have made a commitment to filling every retail order within one business day. In order to be able to keep that commitment and avoid any delays, we only offer our masks directly to the public. So you can only buy our masks through our site, or our shops on Etsy and Ebay.

Do you have a question that you feel is not answered? Please feel free to email our team help@lalinen.com  Most of those on our support team are working from home and will answer your question within hours, not days. 

If you do not see the answer to your question

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