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Supreme Style Face Mask, Fully Adjustable Ear Loop, Neck Strap, 3 Layered, Tested and rated Filtration Effectiveness of 98.8%.
  • 100% American- Made in our Los Angeles Factory,

    and shipped direct to you within one business day.

  • LA Linen Masks are designed to Protect you from the environment, as well as protecting others. With an incredible 98.8%BFE (Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness) and Delta P of 3.8 Breathability, it is made to keep you Safe and Comfortable during a long period of use.

  • Masks are Machine washable and dry. Color Bleach Safe. Pass 110 wash cycle test as per Military guidelines.

  • 3  Specialized layer Design for All-Day Comfort and Protection.Outer Layer: Poly/Lycra stretch fabric for a proper tight fit. Middle Layer: Polypropylene/Cotton
    Polymer offering the highest level of filtration. The Inside layer is a cotton blend to keep your skin dry and comfortable, and prevent irritation.
  • Generous Size For Excellent Jaw Mobility
    • 9x9 inch pattern Full size mask
    • 7x7 inch pattern Small size mask
  • Internal nose wire for a proper fit, and reduce fogging of glasses.

Tested by

All of our masks are Made in the USA and ship from our Los Angeles factory.

***Free Neck Strap with every Ear Loop Mask***

Supreme 9x9 Size

*$35 /Mask (9x9in Size)

$ 35.00

Select a color from the list

Supreme 7x7 Size

*$35 /Mask (7x7in Size)

$ 35.00

Select a color from the list

Full Size Masks - Ear Loop - LA Linen

*$25 /Mask (9x9in Size)

$ 25.00

Select a color from the list

Small Size Masks - Ear Loop

*$25 /Mask (7x7in Size)

$ 25.00

Select a color from the list

New In Our Shop

Neck Strap for Ear Looped Mask - 5-Pack

*5 straps in pack

$ 12.00$ 12.00

Single Neck Strap is also available with the purchase of any of our masks at $1 each.

This add-on option is made so we can provide the lowest price on the item and still be able to offer you free shipping on all your items.

*For every 2 orders we sell retail, we are able to donate 1. Thank you for your support! Learn more about why we're making these masks.


Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"Made in the USA with American materials. Really fast shipping and a quality product. They are also donating masks. Very pleased with LA Linen! 💜"

- Terri T. in Savannah, GA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"Love my mask...thank you and stay safe!"

- Patricia H. in Virginia Beach, VA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"I just received my face masks and they are awesome! I can’t thank you enough! The fact that they arrived in 5 days...... Yes 5 DAYS is simply outstanding. I have ordered other face masks over 30 days ago and they are still not here. The quality of the masks are wonderful. I will wear them proudly and share with friends and family how pleased I am! Again thank you so much."

Meredith F. in Santa Barbara, CA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"Love my mask. Ordered on April 23 received April 28. Comfortable around the ears. So much better than my no sew one."

- Donna Y. in Akron, OH

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"At 101 comfort is a top priority. My daughter recommended the mask and my son ordered them for me. I am smiling under the mask because I am very  happy with my LA linen masks."

- Helen B. in Bedford, MA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"Wow! I just ordered 2 more masks at 9:00am, and at 11:03 I received a notice that the order had shipped."

- Tim O. in Portland, OR

Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"Great quality and very fast shipping. 👍"

- Robert M. in Tampa, FL

Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"These are the best masks! They are made well...sized correctly, and I am very very satisfied! I have ordered from many private sellers and other companies....and have been scammed. You are a class act and have an excellent product. I have shared your company link with my adult children so they don’t waste time and money trying to find a reputable company producing masks. I purchased 4 more today and again......thank you for producing an excellent product."

- Judith H. in Kenosha, WI

Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"Thank You so much for my mask. God Bless all of you for all the help you give to our Frontline Workers"

- Debra S. in Niagara Falls, NY

Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"I’m a registered nurse in Philadelphia. I received my package in the mail yesterday and wore my mask to work today. To give my ears a break, I placed the ear loops over my bun, and still got a secure fit."

- Ashley S. in Huntingdon Valley, PA