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Now, for any order placed on our shop (www.lalinen.com) we will extend the exchange window to 90 days.
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It’s that simple. We are confident of our fulfilment and we will guarantee it. Any retail order placed on our site will be shipped within a maximum of 3 business days or we will ship it out and will refund you in ful.
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Supreme Style Face Mask, Fully Adjustable Ear Loop, Neck Strap, 3 Layered, Tested and rated Filtration Effectiveness of 98.8%.
  • 100% American- Made in our Los Angeles Factory,

    and shipped direct to you within one business day.

  • LA Linen Masks are designed to Protect you from the environment, as well as protecting others. With an incredible 98.8%BFE (Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness) and Delta P of 3.8 Breathability, it is made to keep you Safe and Comfortable during a long period of use.

  • Masks are Machine washable and dry. Color Bleach Safe. Pass 110 wash cycle test as per Military guidelines.

  • 3  Specialized layer Design for All-Day Comfort and Protection.Outer Layer: Poly/Lycra stretch fabric for a proper tight fit. Middle Layer: Polypropylene/Cotton
    Polymer offering the highest level of filtration. The Inside layer is a cotton blend to keep your skin dry and comfortable, and prevent irritation.
  • Generous Size For Excellent Jaw Mobility
    • 9x9 inch pattern Full size mask
    • 7x7 inch pattern Small size mask
  • Internal nose wire for a proper fit, and reduce fogging of glasses.
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LA Linen, Made in USA, Los Angeles, California, US flag

All of our masks are Made in the USA and ship from our Los Angeles factory.

We have recently discontinued production of our Full Size and Small Size Mask with standard Ear Loop, and have donated our entire remaining inventory to various charities around the world. We currently only produce our Supreme style mask in 9x9 and 7x7 size. This mask has been awarded numerous #1picks of studies by consumer reports and studies.

LA Linen Supreme Mask 9x9 Apex

*$35 /Mask (9x9in Size)

$ 35.00

Select a color from the list

Supreme 7x7 Size

*$35 /Mask (7x7in Size)

$ 35.00

Select a color from the list

Full Size Masks - Tie Straps

*$25 /Mask (9x9in Size)

$ 25.00

Select a color from the list

*For every 2 orders we sell retail, we are able to donate 1. Thank you for your support! Learn more about why we're making these masks.


Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"Made in the USA with American materials. Really fast shipping and a quality product. They are also donating masks. Very pleased with LA Linen! 💜"

- Terri T. in Savannah, GA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"Love my mask...thank you and stay safe!"

- Patricia H. in Virginia Beach, VA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"I just received my face masks and they are awesome! I can’t thank you enough! The fact that they arrived in 5 days...... Yes 5 DAYS is simply outstanding. I have ordered other face masks over 30 days ago and they are still not here. The quality of the masks are wonderful. I will wear them proudly and share with friends and family how pleased I am! Again thank you so much."

Meredith F. in Santa Barbara, CA

Customer Testimonial Donna Y. LA Linen

"Love my mask. Ordered on April 23 received April 28. Comfortable around the ears. So much better than my no sew one."

- Donna Y. in Akron, OH

Customer Testimonial Helen B. LA Linen

"At 101 comfort is a top priority. My daughter recommended the mask and my son ordered them for me. I am smiling under the mask because I am very  happy with my LA linen masks."

- Helen B. in Bedford, MA

Customer Testimonial Jody G LA Linen

"Wow! I just ordered 2 more masks at 9:00am, and at 11:03 I received a notice that the order had shipped."

- Tim O. in Portland, OR

Customer Testimonial Christine F LA Linen

"Great quality and very fast shipping. 👍"

- Robert M. in Tampa, FL

Customer Testimonial Judith H. LA Linen

"These are the best masks! They are made well...sized correctly, and I am very very satisfied! I have ordered from many private sellers and other companies....and have been scammed. You are a class act and have an excellent product. I have shared your company link with my adult children so they don’t waste time and money trying to find a reputable company producing masks. I purchased 4 more today and again......thank you for producing an excellent product."

- Judith H. in Kenosha, WI

Customer Testimonial Debra S.  LA Linen

"Thank You so much for my mask. God Bless all of you for all the help you give to our Frontline Workers"

- Debra S. in Niagara Falls, NY

Customer Testimonial Ashley S. LA Linen

"I’m a registered nurse in Philadelphia. I received my package in the mail yesterday and wore my mask to work today. To give my ears a break, I placed the ear loops over my bun, and still got a secure fit."

- Ashley S. in Huntingdon Valley, PA