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LA Linen Now Producing Face Masks

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LA Linen Now Producing Face Masks

We understand that things are frightening and trying right now as we are just starting to realize the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We watch the news and speak with people in our community about the impact on not only the healthcare workers but grocery store attendants, mail carriers, child care providers, and other service providers that are expected to perform their jobs as the rest of us are at home. We are heartbroken for those affected by the virus and for all of us that are financially impacted. 

As we shut our doors, halted production of our core products, and sent our teams home due to California's Stay at Home order, but we knew we could not just sit by idly so we started creating prototypes. We listened to what healthcare professionals were asking for and contemplated our resources (fabric, machines, people). Our face masks that we are now producing not only allow us to continue to keep our team of 30 employed but they are also allowing us to give back to our communities. For every 2 mask orders we sell retail, we are able to donate 1. 

Please visit our FAQ for more details about our masks.

Our goal is to be a part of the solution and to help make an impact for our employees and on our communities. We began donating masks locally to the LAPD, LAFD, and homeless shelters near our downtown LA warehouse and now are proud to have donated thousands of masks across the country. Thank you for supporting our small business.

We wish you health!

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