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What size mask is right for me?

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What size mask is right for me?

Face Masks are new to us all. As is its construction, use, washing and most importantly choosing the right mask. So we decided to share the answer to some of the most commonly questions we have faced.


A. Our Supreme 9x9 and Full size masks starts with a fabric pattern of 9 x 9 inches, before it is pleated, bonded, and trimmed. That is just about the size of a Tissue (Kleenex). So, to test the size, you can grab a tissue, lightly pleat the sides to about half size and cover your nose, mouth, and chin. The mask should cover from mid nose area to bottom of your chin. This large coverage is designed to offer the highest level of protection and comfort. keeping the mask in place while speaking, and to maintain a space between the fabric and your nose/mouth for comfortable breathing. But if you find that too large, you can try our Supreme 7x7 or the Small size mask, at 7x7 inch pattern that is the size of a Standard Surgical mask. Testing out the size before purchasing can easily be done by testing a Tissue for the 9x9 size, and a standard surgical mask for our 7x7 size. Our Supreme style masks offer an adjustable Ear loop and an attached neck strap. Our standard ear loop masks offer a 3 inch loop on the full size mask, and 2.5 inch loop on the Small size mask.

Do you have a question that you feel is not answered? Please feel free to email our team Most of those on our support team are working from home and will answer your question within hours, not days.