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Face Mask Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Face Mask Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Face Masks are new to us all. As is its construction, use, washing and most importantly choosing the right mask. So we decided to share the answer to some of the most commonly questions we have faced. 

    Q. Why is the cost of an LA Linen mask so different than those I see on Amazon or in social media ads?
    A. Of course, not all products are created equal. The Mask we designed and produced was an item to maintain the health and safety of our own team, family and friends. We never paid any attention to saving costs, all that mattered was making the most comfortable and effective mask we can. In late March we started mass producing the masks for the health care system, our community and the public. We use materials made in USA of the highest quality. Today you can purchase the masks we designed for our loved ones, backed with decades of design and production experience. We understand these days there are many choices for Face Masks, and we never set out to be the cheapest option, our intention was to be the Best. The many health care workers, Essential workers, and returning buyers tell us we have achieved our goal. And we continue to improve our masks every day.

    Q. Does the mask have a pocket for a filter?
    A. No, our masks do not have a pocket as to not compromise the integrity of the continuous fabric that works to filter any droplets. Our testings have shown that any cut or "Pocket" in the layer of the mask greatly reduces its effectiveness. In our study, adding a pocket reduced the effectiveness from 79% to 27%. Our masks now also have a 3rd layer in the middle which is made of Polypropylene/Cotton Polymer offering the highest cloth filtration.

    Q. Who gave you the 79% certification and what does it mean?
    A. Nelson Labs, a Sotera Health company, is the industry-leading global provider of lab testing and expert consulting services. They perform microbiological and analytical laboratory tests across the medical device, pharmaceutical, and tissue industries. The company is regarded as a best-in-class partner with a strong track record of collaborating with customers to solve complex issues.

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    Nelson Labs did a study on our masks and determined that the masks have a 79% Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness Certification. Simply stated, this means the masks are 79% effective at preventing airborne pathogens larger than 0.5 microns from passing through. This is very effective compared to using other types of cloth face coverings. However, the main reason to wear cloth face masks is to prevent your droplets from spreading and supporting the reduction of community spread.

            Q. Why are the LA Linen masks so roomy instead of very fitted like I see on other people?
            A. Our research proved that by airing on the side of larger, we can not only ensure a proper fit for the majority of people, but we can also make sure that people have the jaw mobility to easily speak and breathe freely, all day if needed. The size of the mask also helps people reduce the need to touch the mask to make adjustments or their faces while wearing it.
                Q. Lots of companies say their products are made in the USA, how do I know your products actually are?
                A. Our identifications can be found here. As the business owner, I have been a part of the Los Angeles textile district for 29 years. There is hardly any established and reputable business around here that would be unknown to me. As large of a geographical area as it may be, we are a community. We share suppliers, contractors, landlords, brokers, designers, bankers, and at times we share the same market. Yet, in the past few months, I have seen many new names coming around online selling just about everything we desperately need, all claiming to be part of our community. Sadly, many such claims are false. So, I suggest you do your research and check out how long the seller has been in business, who is associated with the organization and ask about where their products are physically made, not just where the products are located currently. A simple google search about the site or company can help you show their history. Keep in mind there were no Face Mask producers in Feb 2020, and any reputable manufacturing was busy making something else. For example, a simple search for would result in a very large history of event linens sold by every major platform around the globe. 
                    Q. Where do the masks ship from?
                    A. Our face masks ship directly from our Los Angeles, CA factory.

                        Q. How soon will I get my masks?
                        In most cases, your mask will ship out of our Los Angeles, CA factory in 1 business day. We include complimentary standard shipping to the contiguous United States so depending on where in the country you live, most people receive their masks in 5-10 business days. Many receive them sooner and you can always choose to expedite your shipping at check out.

                        Q. Will your mask prevents my glasses from fogging? 

                        Fogging of glasses while wearing a mask is a common issue. This happens when the warm and humid exhale exits the top of the mask and gets under the glasses. To help reduce this issue as much as possible we have placed a nose wire inside the edge binding of the mask and have made the binding of a soft stretch material which forms a soft seal on the face. Adjusting the placement of the glasses on top of the mask may help further. A trick our team members use by taking advantage of the multiple layers of the mask is to pull the inner layer of the mask up and above the tip of the nose while putting on the mask, since the outer layer is a stretch material the inner layer stays in place and divers the exhale away from glasses and prevents fogging.

                            Q. How should I wash my masks? 
                            A. We recommend washing with mild detergents on a cold cycle and drying with low heat (or hang-dry). The CDC has recommendations for how to wash your mask that also match our guidelines. 

                            Do you have a question that you feel is not answered? Please feel free to email our team Most of our support team are working from home and would answer your question in hours, not days. 

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