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About our Cloth Face Mask

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About our Cloth Face Mask

All About Our Reusable Face Masks.

Cloth Face Masks have been a fairly new item for LA Linen and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In February of 2020, when we heard about a new virus threatening the United States, we started shopping for PPE [Personal Protection Equipment] for our staff. Once we realized the lack of option or availability, we started putting our knowledge and experience with textile to use to create a Washable Face Mask. By mid-March we had received numerous requests to mass produce and supply masks to public and private organizations.

We were in close contact with CDC, FDA, FEMA, US Military and other government organizations to develop the best standards possible. With help from the most reputable testing labs in the world: TSI [www.tsi.com], NTS [nts.com] and Nelson Labs [nelsonlabs.com], we designed the most effective cloth masks. We began mass producing them and shipping them to many government and private organizations, as well as to the public. Today we continue our research and development to make sure our masks are the most effective and comfortable reusable masks available.

Our goal was a washable, reusable, comfortable cloth mask with over 95% effectiveness. We can gladly report that our masks passed a testing and were rated at 98.8% Effectiveness. 

There are two main reasons for wearing masks.

First, masks prevent an infected wearer from transmitting the virus to others. This is the main purpose for most cloth masks or general use of surgical masks.

Second, masks protect a healthy wearer against infection, viruses or other environmental particles. This is the purpose for most respirator-style masks, such as masks used by industry or health care professionals.

The main difference between the two types is that respirator style-masks form a seal on the face, causing outside airflow to pass through a filter when the wearer inhales. Surgical masks mainly absorb droplets and any possible viruses in the exhale. Most cloth masks on the market today perform as a surgical mask and are intended to keep others safe from an infected wearer. The CDC’s guidelines recommending the public wear masks are intended to keep infected wearers from spreading the virus.

After extensive research and development, we have designed our mask to keep both the wearer and others protected. This is possible because of a soft seal our mask creates on the face using our stretch soft trim and specialized design. LA Linen Mask’s specialized design keeps you safe from the virus, as well as others around you.

In our effort to develop a face mask with the highest level of protection and comfort, we teamed up with experts in design, reviewed surgical mask and respirator testing, and sought specifications from leading health and government resources including US military. We designed and produced many variations of materials and fits to meet and exceed both government requirements and our own high standards. The masks we produce today are the culmination of all that work, and it exceeds every standard and requirement by any organizations.

Our Face Mask design consists of 3 layers of highly specialized fabric. The outer layer is a 4-way stretch material made from Polyester/Lycra blend Spandex. 90% Poly 150D/96F, 10% Lycra 40D Spandex. This fabric is specially knitted in Los Angeles for LA Linen. This stretch fabric helps fit the face mask in a perfect form to the face and provide flexibility while speaking or moving the head. The middle layer, made from a poly cotton blend with polymer polypropylene, functions as filter. This fabric has been rated as the Highest Filtration Textile by the World Health Organization, and is the key to the remarkable filtration on our masks. The inner layer, a cotton/polyester blend (80/20 45x45 110x76 Bleached Plain Weave Cotton Poly), lays against the skin. Specially made to prevent skin irritation, Sensitization and to reduce humidity. This inner layer is comfortable on the skin and does not feel damp. We create a seamless layer to provide the ultimate comfort.

The combination of these 3 layers have been designed to create a static charge, further trapping particles in the air and increasing the masks filtration capabilities. The edge of the mask has been sewn with a special Lycra Polyester trim which forms a soft seal on the face. This seal ensures the airflow you inhale passes through the mask fabric and through the filter layer before entering your respiratory system. The polyester/Lycra trim is used for ear loops or tie straps on your mask. An internal nose wire is sewn inside the trim to assist with proper fit and airflow. This wire has been specially selected to offer adjustability while speaking and prevent a restrictive feeling over the nose.

At 9x9” Pattern for Full Size, and 7x7” Pattern for Small Size, our masks is the largest face mask available in the market. This design makes it possible to speak while having the mask, without having the mask ride down on the nose or face, having to adjust it by touching it. Touching the mask by hand can be a cause from cross contamination of the virus. It is important to be able to wear the mask for an extended time during daily activities without the need to touch and adjust it.

As per US Military requirements, each mask has passed a minimum 75 wash cycle test.

What our team calls home is a 16,000 square foot production floor in Los Angeles equipped with a wide variety of the highest quality machinery available. This enables our experienced team to produce every item, from start to finish, under our control and to our high standards. Our background in producing Event Linens means we are used to performing under pressure. Since we produce every mask entirely in our facility, you’ll never see the words “out of stock”.

Our facility and team can make sure your order is made and shipped within one business day of its confirmation.

Nelson Labs is the world’s leading testing facility for MedTech, including Surgical Masks and respirators. Our teams have been working together to develop the highest quality reusable masks. Some tests performed on the Cloth face masks include Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness (BFE Rating), Breathing Inhalation/Exhalation Testing, Breathability Differential Pressure (Delta P) Testing, Flammability Testing, Skin Sensitization, Skin Irritation.

Every feature of the mask has been designed to keep you comfortable and protected over an extended period of use.