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It’s that simple. We are confident of our fulfilment and we will guarantee it. Any retail order placed on our site will be shipped within a maximum of 3 business days or we will ship it out and will refund you in ful.
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About Us

Who we are.

We all like to know the people behind the businesses we deal with but most companies in ecommerce are merely a domain name and an email address, and a search engine may give us an address.

We care a great deal about who we deal with, and we like our clients and partners to know us also.

Our company has always been a family owned and operated business. The business planted its roots in 1991 in Los Angeles with a first-generation immigrant family, and it has continued till today.

Our team members are a mix of locals, immigrants, veterans, and a pool of all races and colors. The one common characteristic; caring about what we do and whom we serve. Over the past few decades our way of connecting with our buyers may have changed, but our message has remained the same.

We care about you and the trust you have put in us.


What we do. 

LA Linen designs and manufactures home décor soft goods, event linens and table top decorations in a large selection of size and colors. Every item is produced in our factory in Los Angeles, and shipped directly to buyers, or dropship for our resellers worldwide.

We obtain all our materials from suppliers based in USA to ensure quality. Most of our fabrics are specifically designed and produced for our company.

Having been in this industry for over 25 years, we have created the standards for many of the sizes of what is now considered industry standards.

Today, our main line consists of the largest selection of size and colors of tablecloths and other decorative items, all ready to ship.

Having the capacity to design and produce items means we often come up with new items used in events or home decor.  


What we make. 

Our main product line includes:

  • The largest selection of standard Tablecloths in various shapes, sizes, patterns and colors.
  • Polyester Cloth Napkins.
  • Table Runners. Drapes and Backdrops.
  • Stretch Spandex Tablecloths.
  • Chair Sash, Chair Bows, Chair Pad Covers.
  • Pleated Table Skirts, Pleated Stage Skirt.
  • Fitted Table covers.
  • Meeting room or classroom Open Back Tablecloth.
  • Velvet rope Stretch Covers.
  • Stretch Speaker Stand Cover.
  • Light and Sound Truss cover.
  • Cloth Face Masks.
  • And our new addition: Stretch Cup Covers.  


Who we serve.

Our buyers can simply be described as anyone who would want to add some decoration to any space.

Any buyer who would like to décor the home or a room with some colorful tablecloths and napkins. Or bringing a touch of warmth to a home kitchen table.

A restaurant owner.

Hotel spaces needing any kind of cover.

Any kind of event with any decoration, a Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Event Decoration. Music festival.

An outdoor event. Sport event.

And just about any space you can imagine that can use a touch of color, or can use a cover to cover up any object. Or any business who would offer any such services as rentals, or event coordination.

We are happy to serve any of your needs.  


What have we made. 

Over the years we have received requests for many types of custom covers.

Generally anything that needs to be covered up to make an area look better, or if adding some color to an area would make a space look better.

Some of the items we’ve helped cover: Chairs, Tables, Banquet Tables, Windows, Doors, Sofa, Speakers, Light Truss, Sound Systems, Trash Cans, Walls, Art works, Chair cushion covers, Cocktail tables, Bars, Napkins, Runners, Isle runners, Stairs runners, Photo booth covers, Stage covers, Stage skirts, Pleated skirts, Convention Booth Wall Covers, and many many more.

I am often asked if we’ve ever had a custom request that stands out from others. Although we have had a long list of such requests, one often stands out.

Jenny, contacted us and ordered some standard tablecloth, napkins, drapes, and runners for a shower party she was having. On a call she asked for one custom made item, and she explained that her husband refuses to move his lazy chair out of the room, and she wondered if we could make a cover for it. We accepted and she sent us the info on the chair. A couple of days later she contacted me and said she needed to adjust that info, and she went to explain why “... My husband refuses to leave the house for the party and wants to sit in his lazy chair and watch TV, and he says I should just go on with my party and pretend like he is not there, so “I would like you to make a full cover for the lazy chair and a husband sitting on it”. After hearing my laughter, she assured me she was serious. So we accepted and did in fact make a cover for a lazy chair with a husband sitting on it. Of course leaving holes for TV viewing, and drinking and eating. I am told that the cover worked out great and was a hit at the party. We are still waiting to see a picture of the cover in use. And that is the cover that stands out from others.  


Here is a bit about how our story changed at the time of 2020 Pandemic.

Producing what has been known as the highest quality Fabric Face Mask:



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