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Dr. Zeke Emanual speaks on if you should wear a face mask

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Dr. Zeke Emanual speaks on if you should wear a face mask

Dr. Zeke Emanual broke down why he thinks Americans should wear masks in public amid coronavirus outbreak in this clip from MSNBC on March 30, 2020


“...we don’t need regular N95 masks to go out. But if you’re able to wear a facial mask (that is over the nose and mouth), you should wear one going out. What does that do for you? Well, it does three things. It will help you limit (although won’t completely stop) your spreading of the droplets out when you talk or laugh or sneeze. Second, they serve to minimize touching your face and nose and maybe getting the virus spread and the droplets spread. Finally, they serve a norming function reminding everyone in the community that we’re all at risk. Even young and healthy people and that you are taking personal responsibility. It destigmatized this mask. So if you do use a mask, I think you gotta wash hands before you put it on and you wash hands after you take it off when you get back at home. But I think we should now be recommending that people when they go out in public when they go to the grocery store or go pick up food at a restaurant and bring it home that they actually wear the mask. And again mainly to prevent them spewing droplets out and to not get droplets in.”   


We should all be wearing masks when we go out. 

1. Limit the spread of virus from non-symptomatic carriers

2. Minimize touching of your face

3. Remind others that we are all at risk