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How to store your tablecloths so they are crease-free

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How to store your tablecloths so they are crease-free

Preparing for guests can be stressful on its own and setting a beautiful table should not add to the chaos. In order to make sure you have a crease-free tablecloth, follow these easy steps. You'll need to find a long (depending on the size of the linen) cardboard tube. (We like the sturdy type that comes inside nice wrapping paper or can be purchased here.)

  1. After you've laundered your tablecloth (follow these care instructions), lay out your dry linen on a table or clean floor. 
  2. Gently fold the tablecloth so it becomes a long rectangle, the width of the cardboard tube
  3. Roll the cloth around the tube
  4. Secure the linen with clothespins or safety pins depending on the material. You can also just lay the linen-wrapped tube down or prop in a clean, dry area of your home. 


*Don’t have a cardboard tube? No problem, just loosely fold and roll your cloth as if you did have one. 

*Traveling with your linen for an event? Simply fold the linen as instructed above and roll it to fit in the suitcase or shipping container.  

So easy!