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Introducing… POLLASTIC™!

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We’re excited to announce the introduction of a new product that will be used to package all LA Linen orders from this point on: POLLAST!C™.

POLLASTIC™ is the world’s first packaging product made from 100% ocean bound plastic, plastic collected in regions of the world with very little waste management infrastructure.

POLLASTIC™ works with marginalized communities in these regions and pays them a fair wage to collect ocean bound plastics from their beaches and waterways.

This plastic is often difficult to sort and hard to find due to years of exposure to the elements, but POLLASTIC™ manages to convert it to well-made packaging while simultaneously helping these communities fight poverty. This plastic procuring method also prevents plastic from entering the ocean and inhibits its ability to sequester carbon. Each POLLASTIC™ packaging product uses approximately 75% less of the CO2 or ¾ less of the CO2 that a virgin plastic product does, and far less than any other paper or recycled packaging product on the market today.

At LA Linen, we value our impact on the environment and strive to make it as low as possible.

Our new partnership with POLLAST!C™ allows us to stand by that value, and serve our customers with packaging that supports our company’s goals.

Through this change, we hope to lessen our environmental footprint for years to come.

LA Linen product packaging enviromental friendly

75% less CO2 than a virgin plastic mailer

75% less CO2 than a virgin plastic mailer


LA Linen Pollastic Checkered White and Red Tablecloth
LA Linen Pollastic White Poplin Tablecloth
LA Linen Pollastic Checkered White and Black Tablecloth