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Now, for any order placed on our shop (www.lalinen.com) we will extend the exchange window to 90 days.
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It’s that simple. We are confident of our fulfilment and we will guarantee it. Any retail order placed on our site will be shipped within a maximum of 3 business days or we will ship it out and will refund you in ful.
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We’ve been busy making our masks even better!

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We’ve been busy making our masks even better!

First, I’d like to start by thanking all of our customers who have not only trusted us to produce very high-quality masks during this very difficult time but have also offered us feedback. We’ve been wearing our masks as well and as usual, are working to make improvements at every opportunity. Our goal with all of the products we manufacture is to produce the highest quality products we can at the most cost-effective prices for our customers, here in the United States.

Because of this goal and the feedback we have received, we’ve implemented the following changes:

  1. Our Cloth Face Masks now have an internal nose wire to help ensure proper fit.
  2. We are now providing Silicone O Rings with our Ear Loop style masks that can be used if the mask is too large around your ears so that you can still benefit from the comfortable ear bands with a tighter fit. 

This is a new item for all of us. We created these face masks to be used by our own team, our own families and friends and are very happy that we are also able to offer them to you. Again, we appreciate your ongoing support as we all navigate through these uncharted waters and continue to strive to produce the best products we can. 

Please be safe and feel free to share any additional feedback with us directly here.


Danny Levy 




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