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Now, for any order placed on our shop (www.lalinen.com) we will extend the exchange window to 90 days.
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It’s that simple. We are confident of our fulfilment and we will guarantee it. Any retail order placed on our site will be shipped within a maximum of 3 business days or we will ship it out and will refund you in ful.
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LA Linen has been manufacturing and selling a large selection of event linens to a variety of businesses, and direct to consumers through most major e-commerce platforms in USA and internationally. Established in 2005, we have been producing our full product line in the USA to be able to provide the highest quality standard and full catalog availability.This has resulted in brand recognition of the highest quality of products and standard of service.


To remain competitive in the global market, we are considering partnering with a production shop in Asia to produce a selection of items under our brand. This new import line will be a new addition to our full catalog.


We would like to get some information about your company and production capacity and the type of cut and sew you can do. To get an idea of our product line, you can see our items on our website at: www.lalinen.com

Following here is a "Request for Quote" on the items we like to get. And a description of items packing and boxes.


If you are interested in working with us please reply to rfq@lalinen.com with your company’s information and let us know when to expect your quote.

Fabric Details
The fabric we currently use for our main line is 100% Polyester Poplin, 58/60 inch width, Synthetic Fiber, Not Brushed, Dyed, 
Non Textured, Plain Weave, Non High Tenacity, Spun Yarn, 154gr/SQM.
We would like to have a similar fabric sourced and used to make our import line also.

All tablecloths will be finished with serge edge. The serger edge would be with 5 thread and width of 0.5 centimeter. If you are not able to use serger machine we can accept folded hem edge. Please indicate this in your quote.

Each tablecloth will have a sewn woven logo label with our logo, and a 1x2 inch care label.

Each item would be packed in a clear poly bag and packed in a box in quantity stated for each size.

Napkins will be folded and packed in packs of 10 and packed in clear poly bags and boxed 50 packs in each box.

Items will be folded and packed in clear poly bag. The two labels on each item will be clearly displayed through the clear bag.

Each product will be packed in the quantities stated on the quote request.

Please provide FOB costs and if you are exporting shipments to USA please provide DDP prices with shipment delivered to Los Angeles, CA 90021.

Below please find an excel sheet with quantities we are requesting to be quoted. 
Two sheets are included.

First is for a possible sample order placed, requesting one box of each item, with quantity of 20 to 50 units per box.

Second sheet is for our proposed first order with box quantities we are requesting. 

Please review the pages and provide prices in the highlighted area of the sheet. 
Prices of FOB and DDP for each item unit.