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Based on 1982 reviews

Your small size fits perfectly and is so comfortable. It doesn’t touch my mouth so mask doesn’t get wet like others. I love them!

3 layers, comfortable to wear, great ratings!

Excellent product, buy mask for family members!

I wear a mask every day at work and I have tried many masks. I already have 3 of your masks and I need 2 more for a complete work week without having to wash them during the week. This is the only mask I like!

Comfortable, good fit, stylish!

Need an additional mask. I love the fit and the ability to wear it for hours. I see the effectiveness rating is higher than when I purchased last summer. Chose different colors this time :)

Best masks out there!

You need to measure!

I wear a small in a different mask brand, so I lazily assumed I would wear a small in this one. I do not. It’s a lovely mask, just take the time to measure your face properly.

Supreme 7x7 Size

I love these masks. The only ones I will wear. They don’t fog up my glasses and they are the most breathable and comfortable, especially for extended periods of wear. Well worth the price! 😷

This is the only mask I've found that's comfortable to wear.

The excellent BFE rating and the size.

The adjustable ear loops sold me.

Very comfortable and not hot on my face.

Like the quality of your product. Also Consumerlab rating and neck strap.👍

Like the pattern and neck strap. It will be easier to put on when going in and out of places (and have your hands full).

Your mask is the most comfortable of all the masks I have tried. It is the only mask that doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic.

Very comfortable and neck strap is handy, also getting one for my daughter.

Fantastic fit with no glasses fogging & the neck strap is a plus.

Great prior experience! Love the masks!

Reached out to LA Linen and Natalie assured me the protection was the same as the N95 masks.

Comfortable and well made, love the size.

Super comfortable mask

These masks are well made and look good. Most importantly for me they are very comfortable. I wear a mask 8 hours a day at work and these are great!

Best mask out there.

I wear mask all day long in my practice.
These mask fit nice and full so you can talk without it slipping down your nose.
They wash and dry very well and hold their form..
I’ve ordered 8 of these mask already and given them to family and friends.
I’ve ordered the 9x9 and the 7x7 supreme.
The customer service from this company is well above anything you might expect.
I was quoted the owners motto: mistakes are inevitable, how we react and handle them says who we are.
Great mask, people and company.

Excellent mask

I bought the supreme 9x9 and it is large but it covers my face very well and has no gaps. I can talk without having to keep readjusting the mask. It is very comfortable, roomy and easy to breathe while wearing. Best masks I have used.

Best masks I’ve found. Very comfortable and functional!