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10 Tips to Dress Up Your Dinner Table

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10 Tips to Dress Up Your Dinner Table

Whether you're preparing for a special event or just want to spice up a weekday dinner, we've got 10 ideas to help you dress up your dinner table. 

  1. Add a pop of color with a brightly colored table runner. Table runners can be layered on top of other table linens or used on their own to add a classy touch for any occasion. 
  2. Accentuate with beautiful dinnerware and glassware. Add a fun cocktail or bold charger under your dinner plate to boost the appeal of any meal. 
  3. Fresh cut flowers (even simple colors from your garden) can add a lovely aesthetic to your table that will not only enhance the look of the event but having fresh cut flowers in your home can aid in relieving stress among other benefits. 
  4. Layer a square tablecloth over your round tablecloth on your round table to add depth and texture to your dining experience. 
  5. Candlelight adds a beautiful ambiance to almost any occasion. We suggest using unscented candles while serving food as to not distract from the yummy aromas from the food. We also suggest using votives or candle holders that prevent wax from dripping onto the table. 
  6. Dim the lights for a more intimate experience. Bright lights can not only be alarming and hard to withstand but they also often showcase imperfections. We prefer the softness of dimmed lighting, especially for a special meal. 
  7. Add beautiful accents and decorative touches to your seating by adding chair accessories to your dinner party. 
  8. Get formal with your place settings. Did you know there is a setting that is considered appropriate for each course of a meal? Marthastewart.com has outlined the proper setting for each course here.
  9. Help your guests engage with each other by strategically assigning them seats around the table. This can help ensure that your guests meet new people and have an incredible time at your event. Choose place cards that match your theme and add elegance to the tablescape. 
  10. Choose environmentally conscious and beautiful cloth napkins to accompany the rest of your table setting. Mix materials and colors or match them exactly. Your guests will appreciate the extra touch. 

Choosing any one of the above ideas can drastically change the excitement when it comes to dinnertime and will undoubtedly dress up your dinner table.