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Does your mask protect against Omicron?

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Does your mask protect against Omicron?

The short answer is: YES, our Supreme Style mask does offer very high protection against Omicron.

As This has been a very popular question, especially with the recent conflicting news from CDC, so it is worth clarifying it.

Our Supreme Style mask, with 3 specialized layers have been tested and rated at an incredible 98.8% Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness (BFE). This test, performed by a FDA certified lab, is done using particle size varying between 0.1 to 6.0 Micron, with an average size of 2.8 Micron. This is done to mimic the varying size of droplets as we exhale deeper, or coughing and sneezing. This test shows that our mask filters out over 98% of all the droplets, and particles in the air within these sizes. (Please read more about this in our OTHER blog post).

The new Omicron variant differs in one main way from the previous variants. As it survives in the air for longer period, some studies show up to 3 hours. As opposed to the original variant which would survive for about 8 to 15 minutes. This means as time passes, and larger droplets dissipate, the smaller droplets remain in the air and can infect someone. So it is very important to use a mask that can filter out smaller droplets in the air also. This means only masks with very high BFE (80% or more) would be effective against this new variant.

At the start of the pandemic, due to the issue with mask supply, CDC would recommend using any cloth mask available, and this caused a surge of home made, or unprofessionally made mask to the market, using simple cotton fabric. Most of these types of masks would test at about 20% BFE. With the new Omicron Variant, CDC is now advising against use of these lower quality masks, and recommending use of N95 or KN95 masks, each with about 95% BFE. Or use of any cloth masks with similar or higher filtration rating, such as LA Linen Supreme Style Masks.

The LA Linen Supreme Style masks, currently offered in two sizes of 9x9 and 7x7, each in 26 colors, remains highly effective against all variant of Covid-19 and other viruses.

The mask has been studied by many organizations and consumer groups and in every case it has been selected as the Top Pick of washable Cloth mask.