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What version did you buy before?

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What version did you buy before?

With the introduction of our new Supreme style mask, with an incredible 98%+ BFE, we have been receiving a very common question. "How does the mask I purchased last year compare to the one you sell today?". So we wanted to take the time to explain this in a bit more detail. 

In January 2020 we started research and development of reusable, washable cloth face masks. As this was a brand new item, and unknown previously, things were moving fast. In early Feb 2020 we were contacted by FIMA, CDC and many public and private organizations to request our masks. Due to the very high demand at the time, we released the first version of our mask on Feb 11, 2020. This version was developed based on our cooperation with FIMA, as a standard two layer cotton mask, in choice of color: White, Yellow or Black. This mask had a standard filtration of 24%. Which is similar to most existing cotton masks on the market today. 

As our research continued, we developed a new style of mask, in two specialized layers, with BFE of 39%, which we started to ship on March 26, 2020 till July of 2020. 

As of July 11, 2020 we released our 3 specialized layer mask, in two style of Ear looped, or Tie strap, and this mask offered a filtration rating of 79%. This mask was offered in two size called "Full size" or "Small size". 

On Nov 02, 2020, Our First updated Supreme Style Mask was released in the Apex color, followed by the full selection of colors released on Jan 20, 2021. This style was offered in 2 size of 9x9 and 7x7. This mask was tested by arguably the most reputable Lab in the world, Nelsons Lab, and rated at a remarkable 98.8% Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness. (Certificate).

Although all through out this period we have continually made small improvements to the mask, the filtration layers and effectiveness of the mask are the major updates on the mask. Today, we offer our Supreme Style mask in two size of 9x9, and 7x7, each in 25 different colors. We also offer a Tie Strap style which is often used with hearing aids, or in ear communication devices. Every style of mask we ship today offers the same high level of protection. 

To find out which version of mask you have, you can look up the date of shipment on your order. If you can not find your order confirmation email sent to you, simply create an account on our site using the same email address you used to place your order, and you can see your order history under your account.